Ensuring good quality and developing the necessary quality systems (criteria, indicators, etc.), as well as measuring quality and disclosing the measurement results are vital to an efficient and effective healthcare system and primarily the task of the service providers. Alongside process and structural quality, measurements of the quality of indications and results are particularly intended to ensure transparency regarding quality among service providers. This transparency constitutes an important competitive criterion.

As part of the implementation of the new quality legislation (KVG Art. 58), CSS is campaigning for the quality of service provision in the Swiss healthcare system to be transparently recorded and disclosed. The rules on quality development and transparency should be binding and subject to sanctions. Implementation is to take place by means of effective national agreements on quality development between the associations representing the service providers and the insurers. The newly achieved quality transparency will allow premium payers to compare offers between service providers and enable the tariff partners to compete on a price as well as a quality level.

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