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Online sleep training

Do you have difficulty sleeping? Coping with everyday life is difficult if you don't get enough sleep. Our online sleep training helps you get to sleep and stay asleep.

The advantages for you

  • Personal – the sleep training is geared to you and your needs.
  • No matter where you are and what time it is – you decide when you want to do the sleep training.
  • For every day – you learn relaxation techniques and find the best time for you to sleep.

Good to know

Free for 4 months
With supplementary medical costs insurance from CSS Versicherung AG.
Developed by experts
The online sleep training was developed by mementor in collaboration with universities and sleep centres.
Proven to be effective
Participants fall asleep faster, are awake for shorter periods during the night, and are better able to function throughout the day.

How the online sleep training works

Overcoming sleep disorders

The training consists of several modules. A digital sleep expert teaches you important facts about sleep, shows you relaxation exercises and helps you identify the best times for you to sleep. It's all based on your digital sleep diary.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Clinical trials have shown online sleep training to be effective. Participants fall asleep faster, are awake for shorter periods during the night, and are 25% more able to function throughout the day.

Yes. This one-time offer gives you 4 months' free use if you have supplementary medical costs insurance with CSS Versicherung AG.

Yes. You must be over 18 to use the online sleep training.

Yes. We place top priority on discretion and data privacy. Signing up for the training will have no effect on your insurance.

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