Abenteuerwanderung 2019

Adventure hike

As a health partner, CSS encourages exercise in an inspiring atmosphere. That's why it supports the Coop Family Hike. From August to October, families can become part of a fairy tale at 9 different hiking destinations throughout Switzerland.

Relive a famous story while hiking

Peter Pan needs help in freeing his friend Tiger Lily, who has been kidnapped by money-grabbing Captain Hook. You too can help as you set off on a journey into hiking Neverland. You'll meet several characters from the story along the way. All you need to solve the tasks they set is the children's blooming imagination (with maybe a little help from the adults). After each task, the young hikers will be given another clue that brings them closer to Tiger Lily.

Hike safely thanks to CSS Insurance

The adventure starts in the Sponsors' Village, where CSS is represented by various posters on «safe and healthy hiking». Children have fun learning how to pack a rucksack properly and what equipment it makes sense to take, as well as racing against the clock to lace up their hiking boots. Hiking expert Walter Wanderwädli will help them get ready for their journey to hiking Neverland.