Abenteuerwanderung 2019

Adventure hike

As a health partner, CSS encourages people to exercise in an inspiring environment. This is why it supports the Coop Family Hike. From June to October, families are invited to take part in an exciting detective story at 10 different hiking spots in Switzerland.

Hiking in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes

Take part in the Coop Family Hikes this year, and you’ll become a detective, no matter how young or old. You’ll follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes and enjoy entertaining hikes in stunning Swiss scenery. You’ll solve mysterious riddles, track down suspects, test their alibis and maybe you’ll succeed – along with Lou, Sherlock Holmes’ granddaughter – in solving the tricky case of the stolen bear statue.

Balance at the CSS stand

The adventure starts in the Sponsors' Village, where CSS is represented by various posters on the theme of "balance". Here too is Fidgety Philip, the focal point of this year’s activity. On a large seesaw – built to stand on – families can help Fidgety Philip find his mental balance and experience for themselves what it means to stay balanced.