Children’s health

Having a healthy child is of great concern to parents. From baby to young child to teenager – receive valuable tips on children’s physical and mental development.

A healthy everyday family life


First aid for children

Knowing what to do in an emergency gives us the confidence to handle.

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Conjunctivitis in children: what helps


Why seeing a doctor is important and what brings relief at home.

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Grippe: Tipps gegen Ansteckung in der Familie

Flu in the family

Children spread viruses particularly quickly and can often infect the whole family.

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Sensitive skin in babies and children


Neurodermatitis in babies

Household remedies for children's sensitive and itchy skin.

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Neurodermitis-Schulung für Kinder und Eltern

Itching in children

We help your child cope better with neurodermatitis and provide tips.

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Family insurance

The ideal way to insure your loved ones without overstretching the budget.

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Tips on insuring children


Saving tips for families

Expenses rise when children arrive: a guide with saving tips for families.

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Costly braces

How much dental braces for children cost and when the insurance pays.

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Krankenkasse Baby: Das Wichtigste auf einen Blick

Insuring newborns

What advantages does prenatal admission have?

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Common childhood diseases

Mandeln entfernen: Wann ist es sinnvoll?

Negative effects of tonsil surgery?

Nothing has been proven. But it's still worth thinking long and hard about this operation.

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Speech fluency disorders among children aren't uncommon. But what if the condition persists?

Symptoms and therapy
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