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Making things yourselves for Easter

10 ideas for Easter – crafting, baking and brunching with children.

Ideas for Easter
Conjunctivitis in children: what helps

Why seeing a doctor is important and what brings relief at home.

What helps best
Wie ein digitaler Coach Kindern mit Asthma hilft
MAX, the digital asthma coach

Simple tips for coping more effectively with their condition.

How it works
Kleine Skigebiete: 11 Tipps für Familien
11 small and charming ski resorts

Less hustle and bustle, lots of nature and low prices? The charm of small ski resorts.

Find out more
Pumptrack in der Schweiz: die Übersicht
Pumpin' around the track

Pump tracks mean fun for the whole family – without pedalling.

Find pump tracks
Grippe: Tipps gegen Ansteckung in der Familie
Pre-school: a melting pot for infection

An infection picked up at crèche or nursery soon gets passed on to the whole family.

What you can do
Mandeln entfernen: Wann ist es sinnvoll?
Negative effects of tonsil surgery?

Nothing has been proven. But it's still worth thinking long and hard about this operation.

Read the pros and cons
Tipps fürs Wandern mit Kindern
Hiking with children?

With the right equipment and lots of variety, kids also enjoy hiking.

Here's how
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Neurodermitis-Schulung für Kinder und Eltern

Itching in children

We help your child cope better with neurodermatitis, and provide tips.

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Dehnen: Wie geht’s richtig und welche Alternativen gibt es?

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