Healthy ageing – stay healthy and fit into old age

Zwei ältere Frauen und Männer mit Rucksäcken sind auf einer Wanderung und machen Pause, sitzen auf der Wiese und lachen.

Healthy ageing is becoming more and more important in our society. Many dream of leading a healthy life into old age. As your health partner, CSS has taken action on various levels to help make this wish come true.

Life expectancy steadily rising

According to the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), life expectancy in Switzerland has risen by around 15 years since 1950 to a good 85 years for women and just over 81 years for men. Statistics also say that the proportion of people who enjoy good health into old age is continuing to rise. In addition, the last cohorts of the baby boomer generation (born up to 1964) will be reaching retirement age in the coming years. The result is that the proportion of older people will increase twofold, so to speak, posing a major social challenge in the coming decades, particularly in terms of support and long-term care.

Elder Care

With the rise in life expectancy and the growing proportion of older people, questions arise not only in respect to the number of years we live, but also to how we improve them. According to a study by the Paul Schiller Foundation, 620,000 people over the age of 65 in Switzerland already lack adequate support.

Inspired by the findings of the World Health Organization WHO

Growing older in good health not only means a life free of disease, but also includes mental agility, physical fitness and social connections. Supported by the findings from the World Health Organization WHO on healthy ageing and inspired by the positive development of life expectancy in Switzerland, we’re taking action to ensure that our senior citizens can lead active, healthy and meaningful lives.

Lifestyle and prevention

A healthy lifestyle and targeted prevention are essential for making the ageing process a positive experience and for living a long and vital life. Staying active, eating a balanced diet and going for regular check-ups play a key role in preventing age-related diseases and improving quality of life in old age. To provide assistance, CSS offers its clients targeted actions and information. After all, a life marked by activity and social participation not only boosts each individual’s health, but also enriches the social mix: by sharing their knowledge and experiences, older people add vibrancy to the community. The key to a fulfilling retirement lies in the balance between physical activity, mental stimulation and social interaction.

Nutrition in old age

Especially in old age, the human body is dependent on a nutrient intake that is specifically tailored to its changing needs. For this reason, a balanced diet plays a central role in the process of healthy ageing. CSS attaches great importance to informing its clients about the best nutrition plan for people over 60: one that not only prevents deficiencies, but promotes vitality and well-being too.

Reducing the risk of medical conditions

A balanced diet, rich in fruit, vegetables, wholegrain products and lean proteins, boosts physical health and helps minimise the risk of chronic medical conditions. At the same time, the elderly should ensure that they drink sufficient fluids in order to optimise the body’s functions.

Mental and physical fitness

Mental fitness is just as important as physical exercise. Regular mental challenges such as puzzles, learning activities and social interactions keep the mind alert and promote strong mental health. Physical activities adapted to the individual’s fitness levels strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase mobility and contribute to a general sense of well-being. These include

  • regular walks
  • gentle stretching exercises
  • or water aerobics, the latter being particularly easy on the joints.

By following these measures, senior citizens can live independently and healthily in their familiar surroundings for longer – which is the essence of healthy ageing.

Healthcare and counselling

With the rise in life expectancy and greater awareness of the need to age healthily, proactive preventive healthcare is becoming a subject of increasing importance. In Switzerland, CSS supports its clients with comprehensive health counselling services to help them make the most of this stage of their lives. The aim is to help senior citizens not only live longer, but also more healthily. By providing personalised counselling services and preventive measures, we're not only playing an important part in increasing the quality of life in old age, but in meeting the social challenges of the future too.

What form CSS's commitment takes

“We're only at the beginning,” stresses Sandra Häberli who, as Innovation Manager at CSS, has a lot to do with healthy ageing issues. “Looking to the future, we can see that it will become increasingly difficult to maintain the support structures required. It’s therefore in the interests of both the population and CSS that people in Switzerland grow old as healthily as possible and benefit from effective care and support services."

“Pensionato” platform

One example of such a service is the CSS pilot project “Pensionato” (available in German), a platform designed jointly by experts and senior citizens. It contains a wealth of information, tools and services relating to health topics after retirement. Sandra Häberli has a wish: “Our vision is for the Swiss population to be able to age with autonomy and dignity and participate in social life until the end of their lives.”