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Nutrition counselling

Learn how to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. Make long-lasting changes to your eating habits, get better control over your weight and prevent medical conditions – all with professional help.

The advantages for you

  • Receive a professional and personal assessment of your diet.
  • Personalised targets and solutions will help you change your diet on a long-term basis.
  • For persons insured with CSS, the first consultation with a Health Coach is free of charge.
  • You’ll discover which offers and services you can benefit from immediately, such as active365 and nutrition counselling from the Health Account.

Good to know

Controlling your weight

Learn to systematically change your daily eating habits on a long-term basis.

Healthy everyday

Successfully ward off snack attacks and prevent medical conditions.

Expert advice

The counselling is provided by qualified nutritionists.

How the counselling works

Your Health Coach will discuss your current eating habits with you and together you will look for ways to improve them. The goals you set will help you to consolidate new habits and change your diet in the long term. Exercise tips will add variety to your daily routine.

Book an appointment online

Are you interested in a consultation with a CSS Health Coach? Then go ahead and book your appointment online.

Frequently asked questions

No. The CSS Health Coaches answer your health-related questions. The information they provide is generally applicable and doesn't include an assessment of your own health situation. It is therefore no substitute for a personal consultation, examination or diagnosis by a recognised doctor. Depending on the situation, this information can be a useful addition to the dialogue between doctor and patient.

For persons insured with CSS, the first consultation is free of charge. There may be a charge for any further sessions.

The first session generally lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. Further steps will then be discussed.

No. CSS Health Coaches don't issue commitments to provide cover, except for health offers and second opinions.