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Insurance for cross-border commuters

Cross-border commuters need health insurance in Switzerland. CSS's solution means that residents of Germany, Austria and France are properly insured – including where they live.

The advantages for you

  • You're insured at home while also enjoying cover in Switzerland.
  • You get insurance cover for illness and accident.
  • This insurance exempts you from the obligation to take out insurance in Switzerland.

Good to know

What are cross-border commuters?

People who live in one country and work in another.

Personalised solutions

For cross-border commuters, it’s your own personal situation that counts. Let us advise you.

Moving to Switzerland

We’ll continue to insure you – without a medical examination.

How insurance for cross-border commuters works

Prepared for whatever comes your way

Cross-border commuters must have health insurance in Switzerland from the very first day on which they start work. If you live in Germany, France, Italy or Austria, you can be exempted from the obligation to take out insurance in Switzerland.

For cross-border commuters from Germany, France and Austria

Together with Allianz Insurance, we give you the option of insuring yourself in your country of residence. This offer means you have the right cover both in Switzerland and at home. We recommend a personal consultation.

It couldn't be easier:
  1. Download the referral form for your country of residence.
  2. Fill it out and send it to CSS.
  3. Allianz Insurance will get in touch with you to arrange a personal consultation.

Frequently asked questions

People who work in Switzerland but live abroad are cross-border commuters.

You must take out health insurance in the country in which you work. This is a requirement of the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons.

Cross-border commuters can seek treatment either in Switzerland or in their country of residence.

Yes. Cross-border commuters from Germany, Austria, Italy and France have the right to choose their insurance. You must present your insurance policy to the relevant cantonal authority within three months of starting work.

Yes. We have Bilateral Basic Insurance for cross-border commuters, but no supplementary insurance. Ask us. We'll be happy to advise you.


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