Healthy eating makes you feel better, boosts your resistance and gives you lots of energy. Our healthy recipes, clever tips, interesting facts and motivation tricks will help you lose weight.

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Losing weight the healthy way

Delicious recipes and valuable tips and tricks to help you achieve a healthy weight.

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Ketogenic diet: how sensible is it?
Ketogenic diet

In the ketogenic diet, more than half of the nutritional intake consists of fats. How sensible is this?

Ketogenic diet
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Looking for recipes for a healthy, balanced diet?

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Ribelmais: a traditional type of corn from the Rhine Valley
Ribelmais recipe

The traditional corn type from the Rhine Valley is enjoying renewed popularity.

What is Ribelmais?
Simple recipes: 3 favourites

Oven-baked vegetables, aubergine pizza and courgette-potato patties.

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Kimchi recipe: fermenting made easy
Kimchi recipe

Originating from Korea, kimchi is prepared in a similar way to sauerkraut.

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Nutrition knowledge

How to eat healthily? Find out everything you need to know about nutrition.

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Superfood buckwheat

Healthy, gluten-free and a native crop.

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Fermented food: our favourites
Fermented food

How does fermented food affect your intestinal flora?

Fermented food

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