Change model

Changes can be made as of 1 January, if you let us know by 30 November.

  • Standard model: You are free to choose your own doctor throughout Switzerland.
  • Family Doctor model, HMO model, Multimed and Telmed: You forgo a free choice of doctor and always turn to your chosen point of contact first.
  • Advantages of myCSS: If you make your changes directly in myCSS, you can see right away how this will impact your costs.

Let’s start with your client number

You can find the 8-digit number on your insurance card or on a CSS document.

The 5 models at a glance

HMO model – all the benefits of a doctors’ network

You always go to your own doctor from the medical network first. They will coordinate your treatment and refer you if need be.

Family doctor model – go directly to your own doctor

You always go to your family doctor first. They know the best way to treat you and will refer you to a specialist if need be.

Multimed – ideal for high medical bills

You contact either the telemedicine centre or your family doctor first. Unique to this model: you pay CHF 300 less as a retention fee.

Telmed – advice digitally or by phone

You call the telemedicine centre or use the Well app first before making an appointment to see a doctor.

Standard model – freedom to choose your own doctor

Under the traditional model of mandatory basic insurance, you are free to choose your own doctor in Switzerland.

Everything you need to know about the models

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each of the models lets you take out the right insurance and save on premiums.

How much does general health insurance cost?

Your premium depends on the chosen deductible, where you live and how old you are. When you fall ill, you pay part of the costs in the form of the deductible, retention fee and contribution to hospital costs.

Our tip: Our ‘Health insurance made simple’ article reveals how much you have to pay out of your own pocket under basic insurance and supplementary insurance.

Save on premiums

It is possible to make savings on your health insurance: It's always worth comparing the various basic insurance models – after all, you could save up to 16% on premiums. If you only rarely visit a doctor, it's worthwhile adjusting the deductible. Get other money-saving tips related to health insurance.

Waive free choice of doctor

Lower premiums, same service and a fixed point of contact. Switching to an alternative model of basic insurance has many advantages and comes with a few rules.