Payments & bills

Paying premium statements, sub­mitting medical bills, understan­ding the benefit statement – all your questions on bills and payments are answered here.

The premium statement

The premium statement is your bill for the insurance cover agreed in the policy. If a premium reduction applies, it will be shown directly on the premium statement.

Premium payment made easy

How would you like to pay your bills? We recommend doing it online. It saves time, helps protect the environment and is free of charge.

Direct debit (LSV) / Debit Direct (DD)

A direct debit saves you time. Because you give us permission to directly debit your account. This applies to your premium statements – and, if you like, to your benefit statements too.

It couldn't be easier

  1. Fill out the payment authorisation form.
  2. Send the form directly to your bank, or, if you have a PostFinance account, to CSS.

eBill – pay bills in e-bankinge

You receive the statement directly in your e-banking system, saving time and paper. You can pay your bill with just a few clicks – and without the hassle of having to type in the reference number. If you object to a bill, you can reject it in e-banking.

How to activate eBill

  1. Log in to your bank’s e-banking system.
  2. Go to 'eBill' and choose CSS.

Payment slip with QR code

The statement will be sent to you by post or digitally as a PDF to your myCSS account. Please always use the original payment slip when making payments. Payment is even easier with the QR-bill as the QR code on the invoice contains all the important information for the payment. That way, you can avoid mistakes and unnecessary reminders.

Counter payment fees

Swiss Post charges CSS for payments made at the post office counter. Because it doesn’t seem right to us that all our clients should have to bear a share of these costs, counter payment fees are charged directly to the individual clients in question.

Doctors’ bills

There are two ways in which service providers (doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, therapists, etc.) can bill you:

  1. The bill is addressed to you. (Tiers garant)
    Check the bill and pay it. Send the bill to us for reimbursement. We’ll refund the amount minus your co-payment. You’ll receive a benefit statement from us.
  2. The bill is addressed to us. (Tiers payant)
    We pay the bill. You receive the benefit statement, where you can see how high your co-payment is. You’ll receive a copy of the bill directly from the biller.

The benefit statement

Who pays which costs? The benefit statement shows you at a glance.

Understanding the benefit statement

The overview of the statement of benefits
The benefit statement shows who bears which costs.
A benefit statement provides information
  • You find out which service providers (doctors, hospitals etc.) have submitted a bill to CSS for treating you.
  • We show you what amount we will pay under basic insurance and how much we will pay under supplementary insurance.
  • You see how high your deductible and retention fee are. Together, they make up your co-payment.
Transparency in the Swiss healthcare system

Best quality for you

We are committed to quality and transparency in medical care. It’s our way of ensuring that our healthcare system remains one of the world’s best, today and in the future.

How and what we check
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