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Fascinating facts and clever insurance tips – everything you really need to know about your insurance.

Tips on general health insurance

Hearing aids & insurance

When do IV and AHV contribute, when does general health insurance pay?

What’s that you say?
Birth defects

What does this mean? When does disability insurance (IV) pay? And health insurance?

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Cancelling health insurance

Important points to note when cancelling your health insurance.

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Accident or illness

How to close gaps, and which insurance covers the costs.

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Psychotherapy & health insurance

Psychological counselling and psychotherapy: what does health insurance pay?

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Tax return

How to deduct healthcare costs and premiums.

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Health insurance made simple

How the health insurance system is structured, and what you need to know.

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Welcome to Switzerland

Find out everything you need to know about the health insurance system in Switzerland.

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Lea Sprunger - The winning formula of a European champion
Digital consulting

Enjoy a digital consultation – in a live conversation with a CSS client advisor.

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The right basic insurance cover

How much does childbirth cost?

Whether in hospital, at home or in a birth centre – this is what health insurance pays.

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Choosing the right model

Which general health insurance model is right for me?

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Lower retention fee

Multimed helps you save costs on basic insurance.

Here’s how
Lower your premium

Other simple saving tips besides adjusting your deductible.

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Health insurance premiums at a glance

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Close gaps with supplementary insurance

Laser eye surgery

I spy with my little eye – about contact lenses, glasses and laser eye surgery.

What we pay

Unmarried couples can plan ahead to ensure financial security.

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When and what health insurance pays for rehab or spa treatment.

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Illness and disability

These types of insurance pay out if you become seriously ill or disabled.

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Alternative Insurance

Alternative ways to ease complaints – what CSS pays towards comple­mentary medicine.

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Ski accident: who pays?

Valuable information on rescue services and insurance in Switzerland and abroad.

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Insurance tips for the family

Family insurance

The ideal way to insure your loved ones without overstretching the budget.

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Saving tips for families

Expenses rise when children arrive: a guide with saving tips for families.

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Costly braces

How much dental braces for children cost and when the insurance pays.

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Krankenkasse Baby: Das Wichtigste auf einen Blick
Insuring newborns

What advantages does prenatal admission have?

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Insuring household contents correctly

Properly insured e-bikes

Whether for theft, property damage or accident – this e-bike cover makes sense.

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Bike stolen

Report the bicycle theft to the police, then contact your insurance.

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After a burglary

It's important to take the right steps if you want your insurance to pay your claim.

What to do
First own apartment

What costs are incurred, what is needed and which insurance products are important.

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Household contents

What is covered? What gets paid, what you should note & how to save on premiums.

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Checklist for moving house

To make the move a success, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

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Coming-of-age checklist

Turning 18 brings new rights, but also new responsibilities.

What will change
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Carefree travel abroad

A new life abroad

Our emigration checklist will send you off on your adventure well prepared.

Getting it right
Time to go abroad

Find the right choice of insurance and pension planning before a stay abroad.

What's important
Accident & illness abroad

What to do and who to notify when something happens abroad.

Well prepared
Koffer gepackt für auf Reisen
Travel in the age of corona

Should I postpone my holiday due to coronavirus? What does travel insurance pay?

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Planning a round-the-world trip

Off to travel the globe: good prepara­tion is key to having a fun time.

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We've got travel covered

Life isn’t always predictable. That’s why travel insurance makes sense.

The advantages
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Legal protection makes sense

What Legal Expenses Insurance covers and who it protects.

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