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Supplementary insurance – providing complete protection

Mandatory basic insurance doesn’t cover all your medical expenses. With supplementary insurance, you are prepared for whatever comes your way, from Hospitalisation Insurance and contributions to glasses to dental care and alternative medicine.

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Good to know

Questions about your health
When applying for supplementary insurance, you need to answer important questions about your health. We will let you know our decision as soon as we have carefully reviewed your answers.
Wait to cancel
Do you already have supplementary insurance? Then play it safe and don’t cancel until you have received confirmation of admission from us.
Switching insurance
Have your needs changed? As a rule, you can give notice to cancel supplementary insurance products up to the end of September. Please check your policy: some contracts run for several years.

Which form of supplementary insurance suits you best?



Outpatient Insurance

  • Worldwide cover in emergencies
  • Contributions to orthodontic treatment for children
  • 90% of medication expenses covered
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Hospitalisation Insurance

  • Free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland
  • Free choice of general, semi-private or private ward
  • No costs in the event of an emergency abroad
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Alternative Insurance

  • Up to CHF 10,000 a year for treatment
  • Free choice of recognised methods
  • Go directly to a therapist without a doctor’s report
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Recommended for kids

Dental Care Insurance

  • Contributions to check-ups and visits to the hygienist
  • Contributions to X-rays, fillings and extractions
  • Contributions to braces and dentures
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Tips: how to save

Save on premiums year after year – with a family discount and the right supplementary insurance.

Free for children
Insure your children for free with MyFlex Economy Outpatient Insurance.
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Protection against dental bills
Dental insurance eases the financial burden.
Be well prepared
Attractive premium discounts
Choose a version of basic insurance and pay less.
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Cleverly combined

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Health Account

Add contributions to glasses and orthodontics to your basic insurance cover.

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Pregnancy & birth

Enjoy peace of mind with our insurance cover for mothers and their babies.

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Travel Insurance

Get all-round cover and enjoy your holidays with peace of mind.

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