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Buildings Insurance

Are you a homeowner? Our buildings insurance protects your home against damage caused by water, fire and natural hazard events such as storms or earthquakes.

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The advantages for you

  • Covers damage caused by water, fire, storm, earthquake, etc.
  • Assumes the costs of clearance, disposal, trace and access, emergency glazing and changing the locks.
  • Free advice by phone on questions concerning Swiss law.
  • We arrange emergency assistance 24/7.
  • The myCSS client portal lets you access your documents at any time.

Good to know

Discount for you
10% discount if you're already insured with CSS. Plus, up to 5% for multi-year contracts.
Better insured
Your home is covered at new-for-old value.
Retention fee
Unless otherwise agreed, your retention fee is CHF 200 per loss event.

How buildings insurance works

Buildings insurance – provides you with protection against property damage

Protection for your own four walls

The dishwasher floods the kitchen – it can happen quickly. Buildings insurance covers many risks:

  • Fire damage: fire, smoke, light­ning, explosion and implosion, falling aircraft and spacecraft or parts thereof, damage through scorching.
  • Damage by natural forces: avalanche, storm, hail, snow pressure, flooding and high water, landslide, rockfall and rockslide.
  • Flooding inside buildings caused by mains water, rain, snow, melting snow, ground water, blocked drains and by water beds, aquariums, oil from heating systems or oil tanks.
  • Earthquake damage: damage or destruction of the insured building as a result of earth­quakes and volcanic eruptions.

As individual as you are

And the supplementary insurance options let you choose exactly the cover you need.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need buildings insurance?

Buildings insurance protects you, the owner, against a financial loss if your home is damaged e.g. by fire, lightning, water, storm or hail. It covers the cost of necessary repairs right through to rebuilding the house.

Can I insure other risks?

Yes. You can also insure:

  • trace and access costs in excess of CHF 10,000
  • removal and disposal costs in excess of CHF 10,000
  • building damage caused by burglary
  • loss of rental income due to an insured claim

How high is my retention fee?

Unless otherwise agreed, your retention fee is CHF 200 per loss event.

A retention fee of 10% per loss event or a minimum of CHF 1,000 is charged for the risk of earthquake and volcanic eruptions.

How can I cancel the insurance?

The insurance can be cancelled at the end of the minimum contract term by giving three months' notice.


Personal advice

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10% discount if you're already insured with CSS

Liability Insurance

Cover personal mishaps caused by you and your family.

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