Liability Insurance

Personal injury, damage to another person's property or assets. Liability insurance protects you in the event of personal mishaps and wards off unjustified claims.

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The advantages for you

  • Covers injury or damage to other people, their property, assets and animals.
  • Free advice by phone on questions concerning Swiss law.
  • We arrange emergency assistance 24/7.
  • The myCSS client portal lets you access your documents at any time.

Good to know

Discount for you
10% discount if you're already insured with CSS. Plus, up to 5% for multi-year contracts.
Entire household
It protects not only you, but everyone else who lives with you.
Retention fee
Unless otherwise agreed, your retention fee is CHF 200 per loss event.

How liability insurance works

Prepared for whatever comes your way

A mishap can occur before you know it. Whether you, a family member or a pet is to blame. Personal liability covers the cost of:

  • Property damage: destruction, damage or loss of property
  • Personal injury: injury, damage to health or killing of persons
  • Damage to animals: injury, damage to health or killing of animals
  • Monetary losses: financial disadvantages or losses as the result of insured personal injury or property damage

As individual as you are

And the supplementary insurance options let you choose exactly the cover you need.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need liability insurance?

An unlucky accident can happen to anyone. Liability insurance protects you and everyone who lives with you from financial damage and wards off unjustified claims for damages.

Does my Liability Insurance also cover Ukrainian refugees living in my household?

Yes. Refugees from Ukraine with S status are included in the insurance – regardless of whether you have cover for one or more people. This applies until they leave Switzerland or, at the latest, until their S status comes to an end.

  • Damage in the host's household
    Up to CHF 2,000 of damage caused by the refugee is covered.
  • Damage to the host's motor vehicle
    Up to CHF 2,000 of damage caused by the refugee is covered if you already had supplementary insurance for "Driving third-party motor vehicles" before you took in the refugees.

I often drive someone else's vehicle. Do I need insurance?

Yes. You can take out supplementary insurance to cover damage to ve­hi­cles that you only use occasionally.

Can I insure other risks?

Yes. You can also insure:

  • a waiver of benefit reductions in the event of gross negligence
  • the driving of third-party motor vehicles
  • the hiring and borrowing of horses
  • insurance cover for secondary occupations

How high is my retention fee?

For damage by natural forces, such as hail, storm or flooding, the re­ten­tion fee for household contents is CHF 500 per loss event.

How can I cancel the insurance?

The insurance can be cancelled at the end of the minimum contract term by giving three months' notice.

Independent at last. Is there insurance for young people?

Yes. Moving out of your parents’ house is the first step towards independence. We support this step with affordable insurance for young adults under 25.


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