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Mental health

Our mind is harder to grasp than body parts like the back, for example. Yet it has a huge influence on our well-being and ability to perform. Find out more about relaxation, sleep and mental illnesses.

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Switching off is very important for our mind. But what’s the best way to do it?

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Positive thinking

Can we boost our health with positive thinking?

Simple tips
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What is stress and how can we avoid it?

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How sport helps relieve stress
Sport to beat stress

Tips for a moderate work-out that fits easily into your daily life.

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How to combat stress?
Reduce stress

There are countless ways of beating stress. We’ve collected our favourites.

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Do we produce our own stress?
Do we produce our own stress?

How much influence do we ourselves have in managing stress?

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Find out more about how we sleep and how to sleep well.

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Ständige Müdigkeit: wie Online-Schlaftrainings helfen
Effective online sleep therapy

A medically based therapy for the sleep of your dreams.

How it works
Burnout symptoms

The Swiss are stressed. What exactly is burnout and how can you protect yourself?

Burnout symptoms

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Sleeping badly?
Online sleep training can improve your sleep and quality of life.
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Mind in balance
Suffering from low spirits, worries or anxiety? Get effective help online.
Stop the negative spiral
Yoga & stress management
We make a financial contribution to helping you relax via the Health Account
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