myStep – your steps rewarded

With myStep, you reap the rewards for every day in which you take more than 7'500 steps.

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The advantages for you

  • Up to CHF 146 step bonus a year.
  • Every day counts towards the step bonus.
  • No effort required – steps are automatically transmitted to myCSS.

Good to know

Activity tracker
FITBIT®, Garmin® (with the exception of the vivofit jr. series) or POLAR® all work.
Check your balance
If you have a positive balance on your Health Account, then you'll receive the step bonus.
Data privacy
Only step data is transferred. Data is not passed on to others.
Extra bonus
With the Health Account Bonus, you get a contribution towards an activity tracker.

How myStep works

Every step rewarded

On every day where you take at least 7'500 steps, we’ll credit you with 20 centimes. If you take at least 10'000 steps, you’ll get 40 centimes.

Sign up in just 3 steps

To use myStep, you need a re­cog­nised activity tracker, the myCSS client portal and the Health Account. It couldn't be easier.

  1. Open myCSS.
  2. Sign up for myStep.
  3. Connect your activity tracker to myStep. Your steps will now be synchronised automatically.

Frequently asked questions

The offer works with an activity tracker from FITBIT®, Garmin® (with the exception of the vivofit jr. series) or POLAR®.

You'll receive the contribution if the balance on your Health Account has not yet been used up for offers in another area: Fitness, Family, Exercise, Other.

Yes. Clients with CSS Standard Insurance, CSS Standard Plus Insurance, Semi-Private or Private Hospitalisation Insurance benefit from the Balance Health Account (without the CSS Check-up) and thus receive the myStep bonus.

Yes, if they satisfy the requirements for participation and use activity trackers that are compatible with myStep.

It could be that the steps have not yet been synchronised with the manufacturer’s account. Your step data is transferred to your myStep account overnight.

CSS only receives the step data and does not transmit any data to the manufacturers, neither does it have any influence on the data held by the manufacturers.

Yes, you can opt out of myStep at any time.