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Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Under Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance, you get an agreed amount for each day you spend in hospital – for a single room, home help or other expenses.

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The advantages for you

  • You choose the amount of the flat-rate daily indemnity – up to CHF 350 per day.
  • If you have to stay in hospital for a lengthy period, we’ll make an advance payment.
  • No premium adjustment as you get older.

Good to know

Short waiting periods
You'll receive the flat-rate indemnity from the first day if accident-related and from the third day if illness-related.
Discount for you
Persons insured with CSS get a 10% discount and 25% if they have myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance.
Tenfold indemnity
For a birth-related stay, you’ll get a lump sum equal to 10 daily indemnities.
Paid twice
The daily indemnity is doubled for a stay in an intensive care unit and emergencies abroad.

How Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance works

If hospitalisation is medically prescribed, you get an amount agreed in advance for every day you spend in hospital. You can use your agreed flat-rate daily indemnity in any way you choose.

Benefits at a glance

Your premium depends on the benefit plan and your age when you take out the insurance. There are five benefit plans to choose from – each with a different flat-rate daily indemnity.

Overview of benefits

Option Per day Per month Max. per hospital stay
Benefit plan A CHF 150 CHF 4‘500 CHF 216‘000
Benefit plan B
CHF 250 CHF 7‘500 CHF 360‘000
Benefit plan C
CHF 350 CHF 10‘500 CHF 504‘000
Benefit plan D
CHF 50 CHF 1‘500 CHF 72‘000
Benefit plan E
CHF 100 CHF 3‘000 CHF 144‘000

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

Basic insurance doesn’t cover all your medical expenses. Under Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance, you get an amount for each day you spend in hospital, thus taking the strain off your budget – making it the ideal way to supplement your Hospitalisation Insurance.

What is a daily hospital indemnity?

An agreed amount is paid for each day you spend in hospital on a doctor's orders. From the first day if accident-related and from the third day if illness-related.

Do I have to say what I'm going to spend the daily hospital indemnity on?

No. You decide what you want to use the daily hospital indemnity for, e.g. upgrading to a single room or getting home help, child or pet care.

I've been in hospital. How do I get my daily indemnity?

It's quite simple. Send us the Notification of hospitalisation form. We'll make sure you get paid straight away.


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