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Other insurance

The overview of benefits and the conditions that apply to the other forms of insurance offered by CSS and Intras – and formerly by Sanagate – provide you with clarity. And if you have any questions, your client advisor at your local CSS agency will be happy to help.

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Insurance from CSS at a glance

  • CSS Standard Plus Insurance
  • Semi-private Hospitalisation Insurance
  • Private Hospitalisation Insurance
  • Alternative Insurance 97
  • myFlex Dental Care Insurance
  • Outpatient Insurance (Sanagate version)
  • Hospitalisation Insurance (Sanagate version)
  • Alternative Insurance (Sanagate version)
  • Dental Care Insurance (Sanagate version)
  • Illness-Related Lump Sum Death or Disability Insurance (Sanagate version)
  • Accident-Related Lump Sum Death or Disability Insurance (Sanagate version)

INTRAS Insurance at a glance

  • UNO+
  • DUE+