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Tax statement 2015

The confirmation of premiums that you need for your tax return is available in myCSS automatically. Do you still not have an account?

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Protect your child against flu.

A few tips can help prevent you and your child from catching flu and keep you healthy during the cold season.

Safe while on holiday.

No matter whether it's a round the world trip, a city excursion, a seaside holiday, a language course, or a visit to a concert - with CSS Holiday and Travel Insurance you enjoy your break without any worries.

CSS Insurance – The health insurer you trust

CSS is more than just a general health insurance company.
CSS and its subsidiaries is a leading supplementary health insurance provider in Switzerland with more than 1.77 million customers.

We offer insurance for every stage of your life. Our broad range extends from basic and supplementary insurance through to travel insurance.

Most Trusted Brand
Most Trusted Brand

Most trusted general health
insurance company 2015