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Financial guarantee

The Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance provides you with financial peace of mind in the event of hospitalisation. For every day of your stay you will receive the agreed lump sum.

Paying premiums in advance

Premium statement changeover

Until now, you have been able to pay your bill for premiums at the end of the month in question. As of the June premium statement, you will pay your premium before the start of the premium month.

Travel insurance online

Travel insurance online

Are you looking forward to getting away? For complete peace of mind on your holidays, trust the cover given by our travel insurance.


Taking care of your family

Death and disability insurance

An accident or illness resulting in such tragic consequences as death or disability leads to immense suffering – and often causes severe financial problems.

CSS Insurance – health insurance personalised for you

CSS is more than just a health insurer. We offer insurance for every stage of your life.
CSS and its subsidiaries make up one of Switzerland’s leading health insurance companies, with around 1.66 million customers.

The broad range of products and services on offer extends from general health insurance (basic insurance and supplementary insurance) through to property insurance and travel insurance. Why not find out for yourself?

Most Trusted Brand

Most trusted general health
insurance company 2016