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Medical advice: 24/7 by phone

Doctor’s surgery closed? Need medical advice? With CSS, you can get medical advice from the professionals – around the clock, worldwide.

The advantages for you

  • Medical advice around the clock, worldwide.
  • Immediate consultation with medical professionals on +41 58 277 77 77.
  • Commitments to provide cover for emergency treatment abroad.
  • Free for persons insured with CSS.

Medical advice at a glance

Personal service

Treatment is discussed with you. Prescriptions are sent to your pharmacy.

Anywhere in the world

The CSS emergency centre arranges help and issues commitments to provide cover in emergencies.

Beware of charges

The advice is free. Charges for calling depend on your provider.

How to get medical advice

Whether in the middle of the night or when abroad: Get medical assistance whenever you need it.

Advice over the phone

The telemedicine centre is here to help you 24/7, both at home and abroad. A professional will discuss the appropriate treatment with you. If you need medication, the prescription will be sent directly to your chosen pharmacy.

What to do if you fall ill

Your chosen model of basic insurance determines your first point of contact when ill. myCSS makes things even easier: You can see straight away who to turn to for help when you’re not feeling well. No matter which model you have, you can always consult the professionals at the telemedicine centre.

Arrange a return call with myCSS

You can talk directly to a medical professional with just one click in the myCSS app. And you can arrange for someone to call you back and provide help at a time that suits you best.

Well digital guide

The Well app Symptom Checker is there for you whenever you or a family member needs a quick first opinion. It checks your symptoms and comes up with a recommendation on whether you should call the telemedicine service or go to a doctor, pharmacy or hospital. And if you don’t need to see anyone, it will give you tips on suitable home remedies.

Help from a Health Coach

Diet, exercise, mental health issues such as stress and resilience, family pressures, old age and care – the Health Coach will advise you personally.

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Get help

Health offers

As your health partner, we have many offers that support you.

Well looked

Frequently asked questions

Yes, if it will help assess what’s troubling you. The medical professional you’re talking to will instruct you on how to upload photos.

Yes. The medical advice service is free if you're insured with CSS. However, depending on your network provider, you may be charged for the call or for the use of data volumes.

No. A medical professional will deal with your health problem. Depending on the medical issue and its urgency, you will either be given a direct recommendation for treatment or a doctor will call you back within a short space of time.