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Melanie Julia Schnider


Melanie Julia Schnider studied Communications at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW in Winterthur and loves writing. For CSS, she researches and writes mainly on psychological matters and sensitive health topics such as chronic fatigue and eating disorders. She is very keen to encourage readers of her texts to discuss such topics openly.

Alongside her work for CSS, she is also a journalist. In this capacity, she fully immersed herself in the Swiss healthcare system during the corona pandemic, reporting among other things on the sharp rise in mental illness among adolescents.

Articles by Melanie Julia Schnider


Chlamydia infection

What are the symptoms of the bacterial infection and how is it treated?

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Smoothie bowl

With its vitamin B and omega-3, the smoothie bowl helps lift a low mood.

Cook yourself

Vegetable & rice stir-fry

The body needs sufficient protein to carry out a number of different cell processes.

Protein-rich cooking

Quinoa salad

This salad supplies the body with antioxidants and calcium.


Chickpea curry

The dish supplies the body with a lot of iron and magnesium: exactly what women need during menstruation.

How it works

Respiratory therapy

What is respiratory therapy and to which medical conditions can it be applied?

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Kale crisps

Low-fat crisps? Yes, of course! A recipe for healthy and vegan vegetable crisps.

Make yourself
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