Vera Sohmer

Vera Sohmer


Welche Musik hilft beim Entspannen?
Relax with music

Our favourite music activates the reward system and makes us happy.

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Iron deficiency diagnosis

Doctors are quick to prescribe tablets and infusions for iron deficiency. Are they necessary?

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Stress Symptome: So macht sich Stress bemerkbar
How do I recognise stress?

Stress manifests in different ways, from stomach pain to dizziness.

Stress symptoms
Make your own biscuits

Christmas biscuits also taste good with little sugar. 3 recipes to follow.

Healthy way
Winter vegetables

Which vegetables are in season in winter and what nutrients do they provide?

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Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D performs important functions in the body. When a deficiency exists and which supplements are available.

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Healthy orange juice

The selection of orange juices is huge. But the juices aren't always healthy.

What’s important
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