Vera Sohmer

Vera Sohmer


Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D performs important functions in the body. When a deficiency exists and which supplements are available.

Important facts
Porridge recipe

More and more people are choosing porridge as their preferred breakfast option. It's really easy to make.

How it’s done
Help for lumbago

Raise legs, apply warmth: what you can do to help yourself with lumbago.

Helping yourself
Welche Musik hilft beim Entspannen?
Relax with music

Our favourite music activates the reward system and makes us happy.

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Iron deficiency diagnosis

Doctors are quick to prescribe tablets and infusions for iron deficiency. Are they necessary?

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Causes for blood in the stool

No matter whether light or dark: blood in the stool always indicates some kind of disease.

Recognise the signs
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