Neurodermitis-Schulung für Kinder und Eltern

Neurodermatitis – courses for children and parents

Does your child suffer from itchy skin? Together with our partner, we help by teaching you and your child how to manage the condition properly.

The advantages for you

  • Your child learns what action they can take.
  • They understand how neurodermatitis develops and what triggers it.
  • They learn how the skin is structured, and what basic care and topical treatment to apply.
  • Nutrition is also addressed.
  • You can exchange views with other sufferers and parents.

How it works

Courses for children and parents

The kids courses are aimed at neurodermatitis sufferers aged between 4 and 7, and their parents. The parents courses are suitable for the parents of infants and children under 7 who suffer from neurodermatitis.

For the time being, they are only available in German and French.

Holiday camps

The kids camp is suitable for children aged between 8 and 12, while the young adults camp is aimed at neurodermatitis-sufferers aged 13 to 16. During the week at camp, youngsters will be professionally looked after, pick up important facts about neurodermatitis in a playful and interactive manner, and learn how to better manage their illness.

For the time being, they are only available in German and French.