Heart & circulation

Our circulation supplies the body with oxygen and the heart pumps 4-7 litres of blood per minute. Benefit from lots of useful tips and offers that will boost your health.


Low blood pressure

Although it’s mostly harmless, it can affect your quality of life.

Useful tips

Circulatory collapse

Dizziness – nausea – fainting: what to do when you feel an impending circulatory collapse.

Causes & first aid

Heart attack

In the event of a heart emergency, it’s important to recognise the warning signs.

These are the signs

Care management

A way out of the crisis. A report about the value of personal assistance after a heart attack.

See the report

Swollen legs

When insufficient blood flows through the veins, water builds up in the legs.

Helpful exercises

Lower blood pressure

There are various options for treatment. A natural remedy for high blood pressure is exercise.

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Kreislauf stärken: So bringen Sie Ihren Kreislauf in Schwung

Boost your circulation

Problems with your circulation? There are simple ways to stimulate and boost it.

Here’s how
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