Lemon balm for cold sores

Zitronenmelisse gegen Fieberblasen. Unser Hausmittel Tipp

It's time to plant our latest home remedy tip in the garden again. Lemon balm has an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, soothing effect and can help treat cold sores.

Lemon balm has the following properties...

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antiviral
  • stimulates the appetite
  • promotes sleep
  • soothing

Lemon balm helps for...

  • nervousness
  • sleep disorders
  • bloating
  • loss of appetite
  • cold sores

Fresh lemon balm for cold sores

Lemon balm can help treat cold sores. At the first signs of a cold sore, crush one or two fresh lemon balm leaves and apply them directly to the affected area.

Lemon balm tea

Wash and possibly crush two handfuls of fresh lemon balm leaves. Add one litre of boiling water, cover and leave to infuse for around 20 minutes. Do not drink more than 1-2 cups a day. Also tastes good as ice tea.

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