Health Coach

The CSS Health Coach is your personal point of contact for all questions related to your health.

The advantages for you

  • The Health Coach will personally advise you on diet, exercise, mental health issues such as stress and resilience, family pressures, old age and care.
  • You find out which CSS offers you can use and benefit from.
  • You get advice on how to navigate the healthcare system.

Good to know

It's free

The initial consultation with a health coach is free of charge for persons insured with CSS.

Medical emergency

In an emergency, call the telemedicine centre on +41 (0)58 277 77 77.

Expert advice

The Coaches are experts in prevention, nutrition, exercise and physical health.

No substitute for a doctor

Advice from the Health Coach is no substitute for a diagnosis by a recognised doctor.

How the advisory service works

Personal service

The Health Coach supports you in staying healthy, becoming healthy and living better with illness. Together, you find the offer that's right for you.

Book an appointment online

Are you interested in a consultation with a CSS Health Coach? Then go ahead and book your appointment online.

The Health Coach is here to help

As a health partner, we’re there for our insured persons when they need us. Ask us, we will be happy to help.

Frequently asked questions

No. The CSS Health Coaches answer your health-related questions. The information they provide is generally applicable and doesn't include an assessment of your own health situation. It is therefore no substitute for a personal consultation, examination or diagnosis by a recognised doctor. Depending on the situation, this information can be a useful addition to the dialogue between doctor and patient.

In case of doubt, if a CSS Health Coach makes a recommendation that differs from the advice given by your doctor, the doctor's opinion should take precedence. We cannot assume any responsibility for the outcome of the treatment and disclaim all liability in this respect.

The service is available to anyone insured with CSS.

For persons insured with CSS, the first consultation is free of charge. There may be a charge for any further sessions.

Yes. The CSS Health Coaches are obliged to maintain professional secrecy and comply with strict data protection provisions. The consultation will have no effect on your insurance.

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Health offers

As your health partner, we have many offers that support you.

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Transparency in the Swiss healthcare system

Best quality for you

We are committed to quality and transparency in medical care. It’s our way of ensuring that our healthcare system remains one of the world’s best, today and in the future.

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