Useful facts about medication

Find out which medicines we cover and which we don’t. In both cases, it’s worth buying cheaper generics rather than original products. In addition, you can search for medicines and find out more about what they do for you.

When paying for medication, CSS is guided by the regulations issued by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). We cover medically prescribed medication that features on the list of pharmaceutical specialties (SL) under mandatory basic insurance, minus your co-payment (deductible and retention fee). 

Supplementary insurance pays for other medication

If basic insurance does not cover a particular medicine and that medicine has been approved by Swissmedic, you can reclaim the cost via supplementary outpatient insurance. Medicines of this kind fall into the non-mandatory category, referred to as "Hors-liste (HL)" because they do not feature on the list of those that insurers are required by law to cover.
There are other medicines that are not covered by either basic or supplementary insurance. They are included on the List of pharmaceutical products for special applications (LPPV) or the “LPPV supplementary list”. Please note that the LPPV supplementary list is not exhaustive. It may be amended at any time.