Eva-Maria Morton de Lachapelle

Eva-Maria Morton de Lachapelle


Im Schneidersitz sitzt eine Frau am Boden inmitten einem Raum voller Pflanzen und entspannt sich.

Stimulate the vagus nerve

Methods and exercises to switch the nervous system from fight or flight mode to rest mode.

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Die Frau sitzt im Schneidersitz am Boden und isst einen ballaststoffreichen Salat-Teller mit der Kabel.

Fibre for the gut

It’s both indigestible and indispensable for our micro-organisms.

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A man in the kitchen has washed a whole net of Brussels sprouts and is now preparing them with a knife

Bitter substances

They have a revitalising effect and are especially good for our digestion.

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Postpartum depression

Around 15% of mothers suffer from depression after childbirth.

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Strengthen the pelvic floor

There are all kinds of methods: from classic yoga or Pilates through to hula hoops.

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The male pelvic floor

These exercises are geared to men: good for sport and preventing incontinence.

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Uterine descent

Excessive pressure on the pelvic floor can cause the uterus to drop.

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Ski resorts for families

Less hustle and bustle, close to nature, and low prices? The charm of small ski resorts.

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