Nadja Hegglin

Nadja Hegglin


Successful fasting

With instructions from start to finish: a guide on how to fast successfully.

4 phases of fasting
Intermittierendes Fasten
Intermittent fasting trend

With a personal fasting pattern, losing weight the healthy way is easier.

Losing weight
Learn biking technique

Immediately feel safer on the trails with 3 simple biking technique exercises.

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Bikers on hiking trails

Taking others into consideration: what bikers should note on hiking trails.

The rules
Mountain biking with children

Daniel Schefer shows us what to note when training children in mountain biking.

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Diese Tipps helfen gegen Verstopfung

The right diet, more exercise and less stress can help.

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Plogging: Lauftraining kombiniert mit Umweltschutz
Jogging for the environment

Jog, bend down and pick up litter: the eco-friendly way to exercise.

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