Nadja Hegglin

Nadja Hegglin


Sun allergy

Skin rash after sunbathing: where the causes lie.

Rheuma: Symptome und Behandlung
Rheumatism: what lies behind it

Rheumatism covers 200 diseases. How to treat rheumatism?

Treating rheumatism
Antihistaminika: Wie wirken sie gegen Allergien?
Antihistamines: what do they do?

Antihistamines to relieve allergic reactions: are there any household remedies for allergies?

Natural antihistamines
Glace selber machen: 3 einfache Glace Rezepte
Ice cream: home-made is best

It couldn’t be easier: recipe ideas for creamy, melt-in-the mouth, delicious ice cream.

Without a machine
Is colon cleansing effective?

Our intestinal flora influences our well-being and strengthens the immune system.

Here’s how
Grippe: Tipps gegen Ansteckung in der Familie
Pre-school: a melting pot for infection

An infection picked up at crèche or nursery soon gets passed on to the whole family.

What you can do
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