Nadja Hegglin – Client Communication Specialist at CSS

Nadja Hegglin


Nadja Hegglin has extensive experience in marketing & communication. She has worked as a Marketing & Communication Specialist at CSS since 2013. She is responsible for publicising the health-related offers and the Health Coaches, which involves maintaining close contact with the offer partners. These offers enable us to support our clients in their efforts to stay healthy, to get back to health or to live better with illness. For Nadja, this is a clear reflection of CSS’s commitment to its role as a health partner.

Articles by Nadja Hegglin

Diese Tipps helfen gegen Verstopfung


The right diet, more exercise and less stress can help.

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Intermittierendes Fasten

Intermittent fasting

With a personal fasting pattern, losing weight the healthy way is easier.

Know the methods

Lactose intolerance

How to recognise an intolerance and what to do about it.

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Prevent falls

Eliminate tripping hazards. We have everyday tips and easy exercises for you.

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Grippe: Tipps gegen Ansteckung in der Familie

Flu in the family

Children spread viruses particularly quickly and can often infect the whole family.

Stay healthy

Sun allergy

A burning and nasty rash after sunbathing. These are the causes.

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Successful fasting

With instructions from start to finish: a guide on how to fast successfully.

4 phases of fasting
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