Sarah Blanchard – Psychologist & Communications Specialist at CSS

Sarah Blanchard

Editor and psychologist

While studying clinical psychology, Sarah realised how crucial communication is. She is fascinated by the extent to which it shapes our relationships, how thoughtlessly we communicate in everyday life and how quickly things can go awry.

Sarah found her way to CSS shortly after finishing her degree and has taken on a variety of roles dealing with health insurance. This wide-ranging experience has not only made her an industry insider, but has also inspired her to gain a Master’s degree in Service Marketing and Management, giving her an understanding of the theories underpinning that experience. And because Sarah is convinced that you need to be able to think clearly to communicate clearly, studying for a CAS in Philosophy seemed an appropriate way to continue her search for clarity.

She and her team focus on publicising the health-related offerings, with particular emphasis on good communication. As an inquisitive person, she likes to be introduced to new topics that she can then research thoroughly. And so, she occasionally writes articles for our clients.

Articles by Sarah Blanchard


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Superstition or science? What lies behind these sites of natural energy and where they are found.

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Fears and anxieties – how rational are they? Confront them and regain control.

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