Changing your diet for better health: an experience report


Not a weight loss diet, but a new eating plan. Our client reports on what it's like to change your eating habits and commit to a healthier diet.

Eating a balanced diet

Our diet influences our well-being, yet many of us don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables. Doing something good for our body doesn’t mean resorting to a one-off diet. A balanced diet can already make a difference:

  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • Everything as fresh as possible
  • Less meat, more fish
  • Sensible portions
  • No extremes

It seems simple and yet we often fail because of the force of our habits. Breaking them can be exhausting and requires discipline. Assistance is therefore welcome – our client reports how he succeeded in losing weight with help.

Experience report – a change of diet

A change of diet leads to new levels of lightness: find out how our client was rewarded for his new, healthier diet and how he experienced the change.

More than just a belly that gets in the way

Today, our client sees the results he has achieved as a reward. It's not just about the smaller clothing size and a lower number on the scales. Before the change, his freedom of movement was restricted by a belly that got in the way. Today, he moves more easily. Above all else, he has less back pain. As a lorry driver he sat a lot and his back often hurt.

Not a diet. It’s all about changing habits.

In addition to the assistance he’s received for his dietary change, our client is also supported by his daughter. She also decided to change her diet and took over the cooking for both of them. With the recipes provided, they discovered new things together – some of which our client enjoyed, others less so. This way of eating – and snacking – has now become a new habit, and his health continues to benefit.

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