Sites of natural energy in Switzer­land: energy and relaxation


Sites of natural energy are said to have healing and relaxing powers. Is this based on pure superstition or on measurable energy?

What are sites of natural energy?

In many cultures there are re­fe­ren­ces to extraordinary – or even sacred – sites where shamans, prophets and seers are said to have gained deeper insights into other dimensions. It is also believed that people who lived long ago had a feel for concentrations of «life energy». For this reason, sites of these sources of natural energy include places of worship from pre-Christian times and sacred buildings erected on them.

Often it is prominent, myth-enshrouded geographical locations such as springs, riverbanks, gorges, mountain peaks, caves, rocks and clearings that are said to exude special natural powers.

Engstligen falls
Engstligen falls: this natural spectacle is one of the most beautiful sites of natural energy in Switzerland.

Effective energy or superstition?

It is asserted that sites of natural energy can be found by means of intuition or divining. In divining, the energy level of a place is measured using a biometer. The energy is represented in Bovis units on a scale of 0 to 10,000 units. Based on this method, a site of natural energy would have over 10,000 Bovis units. However, this method of mea­sure­ment is subjective. The existence of the radiation is not scientifically proven. This means that these sources of natural energy do not differ physically from other places – the energetic power does not arise from any measurable factors known today. Nevertheless, many people are convinced of the relaxing and energising effect of these special places.

Places of rest

Whether it comes down to energy, self-fulfilling prophecy, the placebo effect or simply the benefit of spending free time in a beautiful place, a hike to these usually beautifully located sources of natural energy always has a positive effect on our well-being.

When we feel at ease in such a place and are able to fully enjoy the moment, we’re bound to feel renewed energy. Does it matter whether the benefit to our well-being in the mountains is influenced by energy radiation of more than 10,000 Bovis units – or by pure air, peace, fewer distractions and physical exercise?

Sites of natural energy in Switzerland

In Switzerland, many sites of natural energy exist where the Celts once built dwellings or places of worship. After the Roman conquest, several Celtic places of worship disappeared under churches and chapels. Here, and in spots of particular natural beauty (waterfalls or mountain lakes), is where these sites of natural energy are found.

Waterfalls: sites of natural energy in the outdoor environment

A gushing waterfall is always impressive and soothes body and mind.

Engstligen falls (BE)

This natural spectacle in Adelboden is one of the most beautiful sites of natural energy in Switzerland. The one-hour round hike from Engstligenalp leads to the upper waterfall. If you want to visit the lower waterfall, take the hiking trail up to Engstligenalp or the 45-minute round trail. From Adelboden or from the lower station of the Engstligen cable car ‘Unter dem Birg’ (parking spaces available), the hike takes 1.5 hours.

Batöni waterfall arena  (SG)

The waterfall arena belongs to the 55 sites of natural energy in total scattered across the whole Heidiland holiday region. From Weisstannen. The hike there and back takes around three hours (7km / 590m elevation gain).

Jaun (FR)

Opposite the compactly built village centre with its magnificent wooden houses, the waterfall gushes up to 6,000 litres per second into the Jaun brook at peak times (June). Together with the Old Church, this area is located in an energy field of exceptional proportions. Follow the Jaun brook. As far as the Gros Mont valley, if you feel inclined. With enough stamina you might also enjoy the climb up to the Vanil Noir nature reserve.

Verena gorge (SO)

The 2-kilometre-long Verena gorge enchants visitors with its beautiful little bridges and babbling brook. From the centre of Solothurn, it's about a half-hour walk to the entrance to the gorge.

Mountain lakes as sites of natural energy

Nowhere is the water clearer than in a mountain lake. For extra freshness, try jumping into the pristine water.

Bachalp lake (BE)

Take the First cable car from Grindelwald to the First mountain station. It’s then a one-hour hike to the Bachalp lake.

Seeberg lake (BE)

In the Diemtigtal natural park, above the Simmen valley. 3-hour hike from Zweisimmen. From the Meienberg parking area or from the parking area after Mäniggrund (Diemtiger side), reckon on a half-hour walk.

Sites of natural energy in Switzerland: Maria-Rickenbach
Maria-Rickenbach: well over 10,000 Bovis units are measured near the monastery, at the altar of the pilgrimage church «Unsere Liebe Frau im Ahorn» and at the Gibel hill under the wooden cross, as well as at the Bär waterfalls.

Sites of natural energy: churches & religion

Not only practising Christians revere small chapels as places of rest and reflection.

Maria-Rickenbach (NW)

Well over 10,000 Bovis units are measured near the monastery, at the altar of the pilgrimage church «Unsere Liebe Frau im Ahorn» and at the Gibel hill under the wooden cross, as well as at the Bär waterfalls. For example: from Dallenwil by train or on foot (approx. 2.5h, 700m elevation gain) to Niederrickenbach. From here there are a lot of hikes in all directions.

St. Lorenzo church  (GR)

The church is a place of peace and tranquillity and also the landmark of this charming village.

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