Castor oil

Required material

  • Castor oil (available from pharmacies and drug stores)
  • For warts: cotton bud/cotton pad to apply the castor oil
  • For eyelashes/eyebrows: old (clean) mascara brush/cotton bud and a cotton pad


For warts: use the cotton bud/cotton pad to apply the castor oil to the wart. One to two drops per application is enough. Apply to the affected area several times a day.

For eyelashes/eyebrows: use a cotton bud or a clean mascara brush to apply the castor oil to the eyelashes, preferably at night. Then remove the excess oil with a cotton pad.

Please note: avoid direct contact with the eyes. If there are any signs of irritation or allergy, stop the treatment immediately and rinse the eyes with water. Contact lenses should always be removed before applying the castor oil.


Castor oil can have the following effects:

  • Warts: stunts the growth of the wart

Please note: over time, many warts disappear spontaneously without any external treatment.

A lot of patience may be needed, though.

Eyelashes/eyebrows: adds moisture, thus protecting the eyelashes/eyebrows from loss of moisture. Although it doesn’t promote growth, it protects and strengthens the hair and makes it more resistant to external factors.

Helps against

Warts, strengthening of hair


castor oil, warts, eyelashes, eyebrows

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