Devil's claw

Required material

  • Devil's claw
    • Various preparations such as ointments, capsules or tablets: sold in pharmacies and drug stores


  • Ointment/gel: apply to or rub into affected areas (depending on sensitivity)
  • Preparations: take capsules/tablets as prescribed. For information about the dosage and any side effects, read the package insert or ask a specialist

Higher dosages can cause side effects such as digestive disorders, headaches, dizziness and allergic skin reactions. Contraindicated for hypersensitivity as well as stomach and duodenal ulcers.


Devil's claw can have the following effects:
devil's claw root contains the active ingredient harpagoside, which blocks the production of pain-inducing and pro-inflammatory substances.

Please note: devil’s claw shouldn't be used to treat acute pain. As it is a plant-based medicine, it often takes longer for the extracts to work.

Helps against

Lumbago, osteoarthritis, digestive problems, inflammation, lack of appetite


lumbago, osteoarthritis, digestive problems, inflammation, infection, devil's claw, root, lack of appetite