Home help: how CSS supports you

People with health problems may find it difficult or impossible to go shopping or do household chores. Find out who is entitled to home help and how it is billed.

What is home help?

Following an accident or a stay in hospital, or during a serious illness, day-to-day life can often be quite challenging. Shopping, cooking, tidying up and cleaning – a home help can take care of these tasks for you.

What does CSS pay?

CSS also supports you at home. The Balance or Premium category of supplementary myFlex Outpatient Insurance pays a share of the costs of nursing care and help at home if prescribed by a doctor.

Household Expenses Insurance pays up to CHF 100 per day for additional household expenditure on items such as child care, home help, home-delivered meals and much more.

Other forms of insurance, such as Medical Costs Insurance for Accidents or Spa and Nursing Care Insurance, also pay a share of the costs. myCSS lets you see exactly what benefits you are personally entitled to.

How do you get a commitment to provide cover from CSS?

We need confirmation from a doctor to enable us to verify what costs we can assume for home help. Please send us the completed confirmation document.

Here's what to do:

  1. Print out the form for confirmation of restricted ability to perform household tasks.
  2. Get your doctor to sign it.
  3. Send the signed form to CSS via the myCSS app or by post (CSS, Leistungsprüfung, Postfach 2568, 6002 Luzern).
  4. We will review the details and contact you.

How to get your contribution to home help

Send the completed billing statement to CSS by post (CSS, Leistungsprüfung, Postfach 2568, 6002 Luzern) for reimbursement.