Labour law: legal expenses insurance for employees


Unfair dismissal or unpaid overtime: sometimes, it isn’t possible to avoid major problems, or even a legal dispute, at work. This can put a strain not only on your nerves, but frequently also on your budget. All of which makes Employment Legal Expenses cover sensible.

What is labour law?

Labour (or employment) law governs the legal relationship between employees and their employer. It covers topics such as employment contracts, collective agreements, working hours and protection against dismissal.

Employment Legal Expenses cover is already included in the basic offering under CSS Legal Expenses Insurance.
Up to 15% discount on legal protection Help with a legal dispute.
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Advantages of CSS Legal Expenses Insurance

  • It provides protection for you alone, or for you and everyone else who lives with you.
  • You can take out the insurance at any time.
  • Employment cover is valid in Switzerland and directly neighbouring countries.
  • CSS guarantees that costs of up to CHF 1,000,000 will be covered in the event of a legal dispute.
  • You can start claiming benefits just one month after taking out the policy.

Our tips for saving on premiums

You can insure yourself as an individual from as little as CHF 215.00 a year. Persons insured with CSS can make additional savings:

  • They get a 10% discount on the annual premium.
  • And they can get a further discount of up to 5% by taking out a multi-year contract.

When a dispute turns into legal action

Employment Legal Expenses Insurance supports you when you encounter difficulties at work. When exactly does Employment Legal Expenses Insurance apply and why does legal protection make sense? Here are some examples:

  • Unfair reference: You’ve changed jobs and are unhappy with the reference given to you by your former employer? If you’re unable to reach a solution, despite every effort, you can take that employer to court and demand a reasonable reference. The same applies if you’re unfairly dismissed by your employer.
  • Unpaid overtime: Is your boss refusing to pay you for overtime worked? Perhaps your employer won’t allow you to carry annual leave across to the next year, or is even demanding that you use up your entitlement by the end of November? Labour law also protects you in cases like these.
  • Annual leave cancelled: Have you been looking forward to taking a holiday that has been approved by your employer, only for them to cancel it again at short notice? Here too, Employment Legal Expenses Insurance can help.
  • Dismissal and pregnancy: What should you do if your employer gives you notice of termination during your pregnancy? Our telephone legal advice service will provide you with straightforward information about what steps to take in this situation.

For whom and when does legal protection make sense?

Employment Legal Expenses Insurance is generally worthwhile for anyone in an employment relationship. Not every case is automatically included in the cover. Look carefully at what the insurance offers. For conflicts at work, we recommend Legal Expenses Insurance from CSS. It protects you financially: if you want to take legal action against your employer, the insurance will assume the costs incurred, no matter the outcome.

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