Reduce the retention fee and cut costs


People with a chronic medical condition or who need to see a doctor frequently for other reasons often have high healthcare costs. The flexible Multimed basic insurance model lets you reduce your retention fee and thus save on insurance costs.

Save on regular visits to the doctor

You've only just been to see the doctor and now you have to go again. If you have a chronic condition like rheumatism, asthma or diabetes, or require rehabilitation following an accident, you need time and patience – especially as there are many medical check-ups and doctor's visits involved. Finding the right model of general health insurance is key to ensuring your share of the costs doesn't get out of hand.

The Multimed model is ideal if you have to go to the doctor for regular check-ups.

Lower retention fee under Multimed

It's important to take the strain off your own budget. CSS has a suitable solution in the form of the Multimed model: this flexible variation of basic insurance comes with a reduced retention fee, thus helping people who are chronically ill – or who have to spend a lot on healthcare for other reasons – to keep their co-payment within reasonable limits.


  • Reduced retention fee: just CHF 400 max instead of CHF 700 a year.
  • Discount: at least 16% on the premium for basic insurance.
  • A telemedicine appointment can be booked easily online via myCSS.
  • Call 058 277 77 77 for free medical advice.

How it works

Insured persons contact either their Multimed family doctor or the telemedicine centre first. They decide for themselves which of the two to contact; both are equally familiar with their medical history. Once the deductible amount has been reached, CSS pays a share of all further costs above this. The retention fee is 10%, but is capped at CHF 400 rather than CHF 700.

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Health insurance co-payment

People often confuse the deductible and the retention fee. Insured persons generally pay a share of the cost of medical services covered by their general health insurance. This co-payment mainly consists of the deductible, a fixed annual amount ranging between CHF 300 and CHF 2,500. Once the deductible you have chosen is reached, you pay 10% out of your own pocket towards any further healthcare costs you incur, up to the specified maximum amount. This is the retention fee.

Choosing the right deductible

You can save money with the right deductible. The amount you spend on doctor's visits and your own state of health are key in determining what deductible makes sense for you.

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