Docfinder & hospital lists

Learn how easy it is to search for a recognised doctor with CSS, and what points are important when choosing a hospital.

Finding recognised doctors

Is my doctor recognised by CSS? The easiest way to find out is by using the CSS premium calculator. It also lets you see straight away how you can save on premiums. Because CSS has three models of basic insurance to choose from where the family practice you know and trust or doctors' network is your first point of contact in all medical matters.

What is the ‘list of doctors’?

Our list of doctors is an integral part of the premium calculator. As some medical practices are recognised under more than one basic insurance model, it’s worth comparing prices. The family doctor model, HMO model and Multimed let you enjoy lower premiums.

Check for doctors in the premium calculator

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Finding a doctor if you’re insured with CSS

Are you looking for a new doctor? Has your doctor's practice closed? Finding a doctor or network near you couldn’t be easier.

Worth knowing before an operation


We're here for you – before the operation, in hospital and when getting back to health.

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Recognised hospitals on the hospital list

You generally have a free choice of hospital. Basic insurance covers the cost of hospitalisation in any hospital that features on the list for the canton in which you live. Hospitalisation insurance gives you a free choice of hospital anywhere in Switzerland.

Good to know: Check whether the chosen hospital is recognised for your preferred ward (general, semi-private, private).

Family doctor model: referral required

Your family doctor refers you directly to hospital. Send us the referral confirmation from your family doctor. That way, you’ll make sure that CSS pays your treatment costs.

Accept help

Care Management

Your own personal point of contact is here to help in difficult situations.

Help for patients
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Private Assistance

Benefit from a wholly personalised advice and support service.

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Prevention and recovery

Besprechung Check-up
CSS Check-up

Check out your state of health and get healthy tips.

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Health in an app

Discover the Well app

Check symptoms, get tips on home remedies, arrange doctor's appointments, order medication and much more.

Transparency in the Swiss healthcare system

Best quality for you

We are committed to quality and transparency in medical care. It’s our way of ensuring that our healthcare system remains one of the world’s best, today and in the future.

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