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Private assistance

Private assistance is a personalised advice and support service from CSS. You have a direct point of contact for all your medical questions. They’ll point you in the right direction and relieve you of some of the administrative burden.

Your Premium advisor

Which medical specialist should I go to? Do I need a second opinion? How can I organise my day-to-day household tasks if I have to stay in hospital? Private assistance has quick and competent answers to these and similar questions. Your Premium advisor is always your first point of contact.

Private assistance lets you take advantage of the following:

If you wish, your Premium advisor will refer you to an experienced, independent medical coach, who will provide you with the following support before, during and after treatment:

  • Needs assessment
  • Organising a second opinion
  • Arranging access to suitable hospitals and specialists
  • Advising on and organising rehabilitation, physiotherapy, etc.
  • Follow-up support

You’ll get practical support during your medical treatment or stay in hospital or at a spa, such as:

  • Childcare by a qualified professional
  • Pet care
  • Professional house- or flat-sitting (taking care of your garden, plants, letter box, etc.)
  • Contribution towards certain private expenses during hospitalisation (e.g. phone charges, internet, TV, newspapers and magazines, parking)

Your Premium advisor will organise the support services for you. We will cover a share of the costs, contributing up to CHF 500 per case and CHF 1,000 per calendar year.

You’ll be given the CSS Premium gold card featuring your personal Premium advisor’s contact details.

If at least one person in your family qualifies for private assistance, all other family members also benefit from private assistance Premium care by phone (without medical coach or support services for a specific medical treatment).  

How to benefit from private assistance 

You automatically enjoy the advantages of private assistance if you have myFlex Premium Outpatient Insurance and myFlex Premium Hospitalisation Insurance.

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