Karin Bucher

Karin Bucher

Lifestyle Expert

No-knead bread

Fresh bread like from the bakery – with only 4 ingredients and a pot.

Here’s how
Das hilft bei Grippe
Fighting off flu

Tips to combat flu symptoms and when it’s advisable to see a doctor.

This helps
Beim Wandern geniesst eine Familie ihre Picknick-Pause
Healthy snacks

Provisions rich in fibre will ensure you have plenty of energy and stamina for your mountain hike.

Food and drink tips
Der gesunde Snack: Gemüsechips selber machen
Vegetable crisps

Impress your guests by serving healthy, crunchy vegetable crisps as an appetizer.

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Videos, tips and tricks: Find more flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Here’s how
Zitrone am Morgen wirkt Wunder
Lemon in the morning

Drink a glass of lemon water in the morning and start the day feeling healthy and energetic.

Great effect
Joggen im Winter: 9 Tipps für Sport an kalten Tagen
Jogging in winter

These tips will teach you the best way to train in winter and when it makes sense to take a break.

Off you go!
Frau leidet an Heuschnupfen
Hay fever

Typical symptoms of hay fever are sneezing attacks, sniffles and watery eyes.

These tips help
Ingwerwasser: Der Zauber der gesunden Wurzel
Ginger water

It makes you happy. The delicious «cleansing water» detoxes the body and stimulates metabolism.

Easy to prepare
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