Baby health insurance: All about insurance and prenatal admission

Krankenkasse Baby: Das Wichtigste auf einen Blick

No worries from day one: you can sign up your baby for general health insurance while still pregnant. Prenatal admission has a number of advantages. Points to consider when taking out health insurance for your new baby.

Health insurance for babies: properly insured from birth

Basic insurance is mandatory in Switzerland. A newborn baby isn't automatically insured through its parents. All the members of a family, whether adult or child, must be insured separately.

Sign up for health insurance before your baby is born

Insurance cover begins either from the date of birth or from when you take up residence in Switzerland. Enrolling your baby with a general health insurance company before it is born isn't an absolute must. But if you want to be on the safe side, it's better to do it during your pregnancy.

Advantages of prenatal admission for your baby

Let your health insurer know that you're expecting a child as soon as you can. Once you've taken care of all the administration, you'll have more time to enjoy your baby after it is born. And you'll have no need to worry if your child is born sick. Because that's when really good cover is most needed. Therefore, the best time to think about whether you want to take out supplementary insurance is before the birth.

Optimum cover from the moment your child is born

  • Prenatal admission: If possible, let your health insurer know of the expected new arrival during the last trimester of your pregnancy – that way, your child will be insured from the moment it’s born.
  • Gap-free insurance cover: Your baby will enjoy immediate protection if it arrives prematurely or is not entirely healthy.
  • Full security: Your child will be admitted to supplementary insurance without any problems or reservations. Health insurance even covers birth defects.

Health insurance for babies: signing up after the birth

But you can naturally still sign up your newborn afterwards. Simply let us know the exact date of birth and the name of your child. We'll then activate the insurance and automatically send you the insurance card.

Basic insurance: how to insure your newborn baby properly

As a rule, insuring a newborn child is no different to insuring an adult. The first thing to do is to take out basic insurance (KVG).

Supplementary insurance: more benefits for your child

However, if you want to include additional benefits such as alternative treatment methods (e.g. homeopathy or osteopathy) or would prefer your child to be hospitalised in a semi-private or private ward, no matter where in Switzerland, then CSS offers supplementary insurance plans with up to 100% family discount if at least one parent is already insured with CSS.

Protect your family: Having a family means accepting responsibility. Our tips on family insurance show you how to protect against risks and take the strain off your household budget.

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