Pretty expensive – what dental braces cost


A beaming smile and healthy teeth. They often remain a dream without a dental brace. Read our brief overview to find out how much a dental brace can cost and in what cases the health insurer pays.

Every second child in Switzerland needs braces

Whether teeth are crooked, the gaps between them are too large or too small, or the jaws don't meet properly – a dental brace can take care of the problem. Teeth and jaw irregularities can also cause speech impediments or difficulty swallowing and make you more susceptible to swollen gums and tooth decay. In that case, orthodontic treatment is called for.

Dental braces: often needed, frequently expensive

After examination by an orthodontist, families often decide to go ahead with correcting the position of the teeth. Orthodontic and dental treatments – using systems such as braces, mouth guards, brackets or aligners – are usually time-consuming and expensive.

What it costs to straighten teeth

Simple treatments can cost from CHF 3,000 upwards. However, in most cases, orthodontic treatment lasts from two to three years on average and drains CHF 10,000 or more from the family budget. The whole process can prove pretty expensive and isn't covered by basic health insurance in Switzer­land as a statutory benefit. The treatment costs may be covered by Federal disability insurance, but only in certain circumstances and if the abnormalities are severe.

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Dental insurance for children: get it early

Dental insurance may not be top priority for new parents – after all, they have much more important things to think about in the first few months of their child's life. But if they still want to have something to smile about later on, parents should consider taking out dental insurance very soon.

No medical certificate needed up to age 3

You can take out this form of supplementary insurance for your child without a medical certificate provided your child is still under the age of three. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of the health insurance company imposing a reservation clause because teeth are already displaced.

Dental Care Insurance from CSS comes with a number of different options that can be tailored to your family's needs and budget.

Advantages for children with CSS

  • Up to CHF 5,000 a year for treatment.
  • Children up to the age of 18 benefit from a 25% family discount on Dental Insurance.
  • If combined with myFlex Balance Outpatient Insurance, we’ll assume up to 100% of the dental bills.

Makes sense for adults too: Dental Care Insurance

Adults, and especially the elderly, can also protect themselves from costly dental bills. Without Dental Care Insurance, adult patients have to pay for dental treatment – including annual check-ups, the removal of wisdom teeth or the fitting of a crown – in full themselves.

Up to 75% of the cost covered

To be eligible for Dental Insurance, insured persons need a certificate from their dentist confirming that their teeth are in good condition. Dental Care Insurance from CSS covers up to 75% of the cost for adults within an agreed maximum amount.

Advantages for adults with CSS

  • Up to CHF 5,000 a year for dental treatment.
  • Contributions towards x-rays, fillings, extractions, check-ups and dental hygiene.
  • Contributions towards dentures such as crowns, pivot teeth, bridges and orthodontic measures (braces).

Take the strain off the family budget

When it comes to healthy teeth, we offer a number of ways in which you can take the strain off the family budget. Parents benefit if the child or young person lives with them in the same household and has both basic and supplementary insurance with CSS.

Insured persons get great discounts and offers in the enjoy365 Health Shop. For example, 20% discount at Min Zahni. on orthodontic treatment.

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