Calf wraps

Required material

2 cotton cloths

1 - 2 tbsp vinegar

1 woollen cloth or towel

1 thermometer


You can use calf wraps try to reduce fever in a natural way.

However, calf wraps may only be used to reduce fever if the calves and feet are warm, and never for people with chills.

For the calf wraps, dip 2 cotton cloths (e.g. kitchen towels) in water (room temperature to lukewarm, not cold) to which 1 - 2 tbsp vinegar has been added. Wring them out and wrap them around both calves. Put a dry towel over them.

Leave them on for 15 to 20 minutes. If the wrap feels warm after 15 minutes, it can already be replaced. After calf wraps have been applied twice, the temperature should be taken to see if the fever has gone down.


Calf wraps can help to reduce fever.

Helps against



calf wraps, leg compresses

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