Skin & allergies

The skin is our largest organ – and has diverse functions. For example, it protects our body, regulates our temperature and acts as a sensory receptor. That’s why skin health is important. Allergies are the exaggerated reaction of our immune system to substances that are foreign to the body but harmless in themselves. They can really restrict our quality of life.


Sun allergy

Skin rash after sunbathing: where the causes lie.

Tattoo removal

Laser treatment is the most common method of removing tattoos. What do I need to know?

Removing tattoos
Moles: how harmless are they?

How to distinguish between harmless and dangerous moles.

The quick test
Slowing down the skin ageing process

Why the sun and solariums make our skin age more quickly.

This is important
Cat allergy

Many people have a cat allergy. What you can do at home to help.

What to do?
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Do you suffer from asthma?

We can give you all the advice you need on asthma and help you breathe more freely.

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Online skin check

Get an expert answer to your skin problem within 48 hours.

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Anaphylaxis training

If you have severe allergies, our training sessions equip you to cope in an emergency.

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Asthma courses

Group tuition and camps in cooperation with the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre.

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Fitness and exercise tips

Lead a healthier life with more exercise – these tips will help you get started.

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