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Online skin check

Do you have a skin problem? Show it to an online doctor from home and get a response within 48 hours. It couldn't be easier.

The advantages for you

  • The check is suitable for all skin problems such as rashes, eczema and moles.
  • With myFlex Outpatient Insurance, CSS covers max. 90% of the costs.
  • Answer available within a few hours – but within 48 hours at most.

Good to know

Almost free
The skin check costs CHF 49. With myFlex Outpatient Insurance, CSS pays max. 90%.
Experienced dermatologists
Assessment by experienced dermatologists licensed to practice in Switzerland.
Available online
A recommendation for your skin problem can be sought anytime, anywhere.
Data privacy
Your data will be treated in the strictest confidence; CSS will not be able to access it.

Here’s how the online skin check works

  1. You choose an OnlineDoctor from the list.
  2. You describe your symptoms and upload up to three pictures of your skin problem.
  3. Benefit from the special price of CHF 49: enter the voucher code CSS49 in the cost overview.
  4. Your online doctor will get back to you with an assessment – within 48 hours.

If the OnlineDoctor recommends seeing a doctor face-to-face, you must always proceed as follows: Consult your trusted medical point of contact: e.g. under the family doctor model, this would be your family doctor.

Frequently asked questions

How much do I have to pay from my own pocket?

Launch the online skin check via our website and pay just CHF 49 instead of CHF 55 by using the voucher code CSS49. With myFlex Outpatient Insurance, CSS covers max. 90% of the costs, up to a maximum of CHF 500 per year. Send us the OnlineDoctor invoice document.

What happens after the assessment has been made?

If the online doctor recommends seeing a doctor face-to-face, you must always proceed as follows: Consult the trusted medical point of contact you defined under basic insurance.

For example, if you have Callmed, you should go ahead and call the telemedicine centre.

Is data privacy guaranteed?

Yes. We place top priority on discretion and data privacy. Signing up for the training will have no effect on your insurance.

Is the online skin check a medical device?

Yes. The online skin check is a medical device produced by OnlineDoctor AG that bears the CE marking. As the manufacturer of the online skin check, OnlineDoctor AG is responsible for compliance with the relevant regulations and provisions.

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