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Asthma courses

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory system that can make everyday life very difficult. The aha! Swiss Allergy Centre runs courses and holiday camps where asthma sufferers can learn more about the disease, its causes and treatments.

The advantages for you

  • You'll learn trigger avoidance strategies.
  • You'll find out how to use inhalers.
  • You'll see how breathing techniques and exercises to strengthen your lungs can make a difference to your everyday life.
  • You'll get tips on mucolytics / expectorants and how to use a peak flow meter.
  • You can talk to other sufferers.

Good to know

For the whole family
From children to adults and parents of sufferers, we have the right programme for everyone.
Small groups
All of the courses take place in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
Near you
Courses are held at various locations throughout the country.


The aha! Swiss Allergy Centre holds courses for asthma sufferers aged 16 and over and for the parents of children with asthma.

The courses are currently only available in German.

Holiday camps

Holiday camps are aimed at children (aged 8 to 12) and young people (aged 13 to 16) with asthma. During the week-long camp, the youngsters are well looked after and learn important facts about asthma and the right way to handle it, while also having fun.

The holiday camps are currently only available in German.

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Do you suffer from asthma?

We can give you all the advice you need on asthma and help you breathe more freely.

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