Counter payment fees

The fees for making payments at a post office counter are passed on to our clients.

Counter payment fees

Many people like to make payments at the post office counter. But did you know that Swiss Post charges a fee for this? Some companies in Switzerland have been passing this fee on to customers for years. CSS also passes on the counter payment fees, but only to those clients that actually incur the charges.

How high is the fee?

The fee depends on the billing amount and is charged for each individual payment slip / QR-bill.

  • Payments up to CHF 50: CHF 1.20
  • Payments up to CHF 100: CHF 1.60
  • Payments up to CHF 1,000: CHF 2.35
  • Payments up to CHF 10,000: CHF 3.95

Free alternatives

If you don't want to pay the fee, you can switch to one of the free alternatives.

Frequently asked questions

Swiss Post charges CSS a fee whenever clients pay their CSS bills at a post office counter. Over time, these fees have doubled in some cases. This has a negative impact on the premiums of everyone who is insured with CSS. It doesn't seem right to us that all our insured persons should have to bear a share of the costs generated by those clients who pay at a post office counter. That’s why CSS passes these costs on to the people who generate them.

Swiss Post. It charges the recipient a fee for every single payment made at one of its counters.

Yes, you can. However, if you do so, the fees will be charged to you on your next premium or benefit statement.

The fees will be charged to clients on their next premium or benefit statement.