Childbirth: what costs does health insurance pay?


In Switzerland, pregnant women can choose whether they want to give birth in a hospital, at home or in a birth centre. Either way, it’s important for parents to find out about their options for childbirth and postnatal care – and what these will cost – well ahead of time.

Hospital birth – what health insurance pays

You're generally well looked after in hospital: maternity wards offer professional medical care around the clock. Experienced doctors, midwives and nurses support the parents-to-be before, during and after the birth.

The maternity benefits for hospital births are usually covered by mandatory basic insurance:

  • Spontaneous (i.e. natural) birth: Basic insurance pays for hospitalisation in a general ward.
  • Caesarean section: Basic insurance pays for hospitalisation in a general ward.
  • Birth abroad: Basic insurance pays for emergency childbirth abroad: in a general ward, up to a maximum of twice the tariff charged in the canton of residence.

Health insurance premiums at a glance

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Caesarean section: basic insurance pays

If a spontaneous, natural birth isn't possible for medical or personal reasons, a caesarean section (or C-section) can be planned. The planned C-section is a routine operation that usually takes around 20 to 30 minutes. If complications arise during a natural birth, an emergency C-section has to be performed. The costs are covered by basic insurance.

Cost of outpatient birth covered

Basic insurance covers the cost of an outpatient birth. If the delivery goes smoothly, without any complications, mother and baby can go home shortly after the birth – sometimes within just a few hours. A midwife then checks up on the young family at home, providing care and assistance during the postnatal period.

Pain relief in childbirth: health insurance pays

Giving birth can be painful. Health insurance covers various pain-relieving medication and measures, including epidural anaesthesia given to make the birthing process easier.

Family-oriented care in a birth centre

Some couples prefer to have their baby in the more intimate, family-oriented setting of a birth centre. Birth centres are specially designed to meet the needs of mothers-to-be, and offer cosy family rooms and holistic care by midwives.

Is the birth centre on the hospital list of the canton where I live?

The costs of giving birth in a birth centre will be covered by basic insurance if that birth centre is on the list of hospitals in the canton where you live.

Alternative methods providing all-round care

In a birth centre, expecting parents can take advantage of alternative relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, acupuncture or the option of water immersion – allowing them to experience a natural birth.

Birth at home: supplementary insurance makes sense

Basic insurance assumes the cost of a midwife if you give birth at home. The parents can take out additional insurance to cover any further costs associated with a home birth. With myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance from CSS, you get a lump sum of up to CHF 2,000 for giving birth at home. There is no need for you to provide proof of the actual costs.

Birth at home supported by a midwife

A home birth allows parents to experience the birthing process in the familiar surroundings of their own four walls and in a way that matches their own ideas. An experienced midwife is present during the birth at home, ensuring the safety of mother and child.

Insuring baby before its born

A smooth birth and a healthy baby – there can be no happier occasion. The services involved in bringing a healthy child into the world, up to the point where mother and baby leave hospital after the delivery, are charged to the mother’s health insurance.

If the baby isn't entirely healthy when born or if complications arise, they are billed to the child’s health insurance. That’s why it’s important to take out insurance for the child during the mother’s pregnancy.

For mums-to-be and their babies

Relax knowing you have the right insurance cover.

Free treatment

No co-payment and deductible from the 13th week of pregnancy until 8 weeks after the birth.

Free choice of gynaecologist

You are always free to choose your own gynaecologist – no matter what kind of basic insurance you have.

Antenatal courses

CSS pays CHF 150 towards the cost. If you have supplementary insurance, you'll be refunded up to CHF 700 a year.

Free choice of hospital

Choose a hospital where you know you’ll feel well looked after.

Giving birth in a birth centre

CSS covers the cost of delivery in a recognised birth centre.

Giving birth at home

For home births, CSS contributes CHF 1,000.


Would you like your partner to stay overnight in hospital beside you? Choose a form of supplementary insurance that allows rooming-in.

Qualifying period

Early planning pays off. Insure yourself 12 months ahead of the birth to make sure you enjoy all the advantages.

Postnatal exercise classes

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles after giving birth. CSS shares in the cost of your postnatal exercise class.

After the birth – postnatal cost coverage

The first few weeks after the birth are an intensive and important time for the young family. This makes it all the more important to prepare properly for this postnatal period, for both parents and newborn. New mums and dads need medical and mental support – whether in caring for the baby, dealing with breastfeeding issues or in order to get some respite.

Hospitals and birth centres offer services specifically designed to monitor the health of mother and baby, and offer support if need be.

Forms of support

  • Postnatal period: Midwives make regular home visits to carry out checks and provide treatment.
  • Home help: If you have supplementary insurance, you can get professional help in running the household, doing shopping or cleaning the home.
  • Start looking for a midwife you like during pregnancy so you can make sure they’ll be available.

More costs covered for birth

Just as there are many different ways of giving birth, so too are there many different cover options. Supplementary insurance can be taken out specifically to include certain additional maternity benefits.

Co-payment for family room

Family room and rooming-in: CHF 160 a day, max. CHF 4,000 with the Premium category of myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance.

Take note of the qualifying period

When you take out supplementary insurance, there’s a waiting period before any maternity benefits can be paid: 365 days in the case of myFlex Outpatient Insurance and myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance. For Daily Hospital Indemnity Insurance, it’s 10 months. So, make sure you have the right insurance before your family planning is too far advanced.

Getting a breastfeeding allowance

CHF 200 per child, subject to evidence of having breastfed for at least 30 days, under myFlex Outpatient Insurance. You’ll receive your breastfeeding allowance after filling out the breastfeeding allowance form.

Contribution towards postnatal classes

Depending on your supplementary insurance (e.g. with a Health Account), your health insurance may contribute to the cost of postnatal exercise classes.

Health insurance premiums at a glance

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