Premium reduction

If you’re on a low income, you’ll get a premium reduction from the canton in which you live. Here’s how to apply.

Eligibility criteria for a premium reduction:

  • You must live in Switzerland and pay for mandatory basic insurance.
  • Your place of residence for tax purposes as at 1 January must be in Switzerland.
  • You must be living in modest financial circumstances. The authorities of the canton in which you live will determine your eligibility on the basis of your most recent definitive tax assessment.

Here’s how to apply

  1. Contact the information office in your canton of residence. This is determined by the place where you were registered as living on 1 January. 
  2. Stick to the deadline. This varies from canton to canton. The authorities can turn down your application if you submit it too late.
  3. Your canton will review your application and let you know. If you do receive a premium reduction, we will reduce your premiums by the corresponding amount.
Canton Information source
Data status 2020 Considered with premium statement Date of dispatch of premium statement
AG SVA Aargau Data received January 2020 December 2019
AR Ausgleichskasse und IV-Stelle Appenzell Ausserrhoden Data received
May 2020 December 2019
AI Gesundheits- und Sozialdepartement AI Data received April 2020 December 2019
BL Sozialversicherungsanstalt Basel Landschaft Data received
February 2020 December 2019
BS Amt für Sozialbeiträge Basel-Stadt Data received February 2020 December 2019
BE Amt für Sozialversicherung Data received January 2020 December 2019
FR Caisse cantonale de compensation Data received January 2020 December 2019
GE Service de l’assurance maladie Genève Data received January 2020 December 2019
GL Steuerverwaltung des Kantons Glarus Data received May 2020 March 2020
GR Sozialversicherungsanstalt des Kantons Graubünden Data received April 2020 February 2020
JU Caisse de Compensation du Canton du Jura Data received January 2020 December 2019
LU Ausgleichskasse Luzern Data received January 2020 December 2019
NE Office cantonal de l'Assurance-maladie Data received January 2020 December 2019
NW Ausgleichskasse Nidwalden Data received
June 2020
April 2020
OW Gesundheitsamt Obwalden Data received
June 2020
April 2020
SH SVA Schaffhausen Data received January 2020 December 2019
SZ Ausgleichskasse Schwyz Data received January 2020 December 2019
SO Ausgleichskasse Solothurn Data received January 2020 December 2019
SG SVA St. Gallen Data received January 2020 December 2019
TI Servizio sussidi assicurazione malattia Data received January 2020 December 2019
TG Amt für Gesundheit des Kantons Thurgau Data received
June 2020
April 2020
UR Amt für Gesundheit Data received April 2020 February 2020
VD Office vaudois de l'assurance-maladie (OVAM) Data received January 2020 December 2019
VS Caisse de compensation du canton du Valais Data received January 2020 December 2019
ZG Ausgleichskasse Zug Data received
June 2020
April 2020
ZH SVA Zürich Data received January 2020 December 2019
Ausland Gemeinsame Einrichtung KVG Data received May 2020 March 2020

Further details about the premium reduction

We cannot factor a premium reduction into your premium statement until your legal place of residence has notified us of the amount of the reduction. Until then, our hands are tied.

  • Premium reductions are governed by Art. 65 of the Federal Health Insurance Act (HIA)
  • Premium reduction contributions are passed on from all cantons to health insurers directly, and deducted from the premium statement
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