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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance reduces the financial burden of dental care – from check-ups to orthodontics.

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The advantages for you

  • Up to CHF 5,000 a year for treatment.
  • Contributions towards x-rays, fillings, extractions, check-ups and dental hygiene.
  • Contributions towards orthodontics (braces) and dentures such as crowns, pivot teeth and bridges.

Good to know

Healthy teeth and a sparkling smile. Get cover for costs that are not refunded under basic insurance or myFlex Outpatient Insurance.

Better protection
If combined with myFlex Outpatient Insurance, we’ll assume up to 100% of your dental bills.
Save 25% on premiums
Insure your children with dental insurance and pay 25% less.
Without a medical certificate
You can take out Dental Insurance for children under 3 without a medical certificate.

How Dental Insurance works

Teeth can cause pain – financially too

Whether going for a check-up, having a wisdom tooth removed or a crown fitted – Dental Care Insurance covers as much as 75% of the costs, up to the agreed maximum amount. To be eligible for Dental Insurance, you need a certificate from your dentist confirming that your teeth are in good condition.

As individual as you are

Dental Care Insurance from CSS comes with a number of different options. Choose the one that best matches your budget and needs.

Your premium at a glance

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Benefits at a glance

Amount of bill refunded Maximum amount per calendar year
50% CHF 1,000
75% CHF 2,000 (excl. orthodontics)
75% CHF 3,000
75% (with CHF 500 deductible/calendar year) CHF 5,000

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need Dental Insurance?

You have to pay for practically all forms of dental treatment yourself. That can strain your budget – often to the absolute limit. Dental Care Insurance gives you protection. Calculate your premiums now.

Is there a waiting period for Dental Insurance?

Yes. Dental cover starts after a waiting period of 7 months – or 1 year for treatment involving dentures such as crowns, pivot teeth and bridges.


Personal advice

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